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 Festive Open Studio            


               FOUR ABERCORN   

A very warm welcome to the Festive Open Studio at FOUR ABERCORN. There is something for everyone, with a huge range of drawings, paintings and sculptures on display here. Almost 30 Limited Edition Gilcee Prints to choose from, handmade individually painted Giftcards, painted and handmade Berry Garlands in two sizes, both of which are over 3mtrs in length, Jewellery made from paper, goldleaf and silver, Concertina and hand-stitched Sketchbooks-bound using uniquley designed covers, and much more. Looking forward to seeing you for some festive cheer.    

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 The Colour of Life

This exhibition is a celebration of Colour. One of the most important elements of Karen's work, it has the ability to uplift, to make you smile, cry and be profound. Without it we would have extremely dull lives. So enjoy this fascinating take on the Colour of Life.

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Reflections on Venice

Karen takes as the inspiration for her work"reflections on Venice" the experiences gained on numerous visits to this unique place. Take a walk through the gallery and Venice  at the same time to capture the sigths and feelings that will leave an impression never to be forgotten. 

 Saturday 30 July - Sunday 7 August 2016

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Nature Works

Local artist Karen Clulow's fourth solo exhibition. Having exhibited widely across the UK her work is in many private collections. This exhibition celebrates the complex world of nature with small sculpture work in bronze and paper, pencil drawings and watercolour to showcase the analytical observation of colour, pattern and texture.  The exhibition is free to view, however all artwork is for sale and commissions are welcome. 

 Sat1st - Sat 8th August 2015

           Sculpture, Paintings & Drawings

Karen's first solo exhibtion for ten years held at Gladstone's Land Gallery includes examples from all the disciplines listed in the title. This shows a complete range of skill and dispalys a diverse interest of media for Karen. " I have set out deliberatley to not limit myself in this exhibition. I think there truly is something for everyone's taste on show. "

 Tues 23 -Sun 28 July 2013

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                  Trees    Wood    Paper

Norrie has been woodturning since retiring as an engineering draughtsman 12 years ago and considers woodturning to be a hobby. This is Norrie’s first formal joint exhibition although he has been exhibiting over the years at various Open Studios across Scotland. Norrie works, in both oil and polish finishes, using mainly Scottish native hardwoods.’ I try to retain, where possible, some of the beautiful original features which occur naturally in most woods’.

 Tues 3 -Sun 8 December 2013

Karen has worked as an artist for nearly 30 years and this, her second exhibition this year at Gladstone’s Land, brings together a range of work which studies various aspects of trees, their lives and their habits. The multi-faceted art skills she uses on a daily basis through teaching, commissions and personal projects show simply how colour, pattern, texture, light and shade can be used to illustrate the natural world. Karen is capable of seeing and therefore translating the minutest detail in a wide variety of subject matter, be lt realist or abstract, showing that her observational skills can surprise, intrigue, even question what we think we can see ourselves.